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Hi!!! Welcome to my blog! I'm an otaku/fangirl. I'll be happy to answer any of your questions. Feel free to explore!! To those who followed me; Arigatou Goizaimasu!!! (◠︿◠✿)


yknow, i’ve seen a lot of posts analyzing haru’s nightmare and rin and haru’s fight from last episode, but im honestly shocked at the lack of attention this scene has. 

we’ve been seeing all season that makoto is struggling with what he wants to do when he gets out of high school. he probably never thought he’d be able to make it to the big leagues because his talent wasn’t up there with haru and rin’s. he’s jealous of rin because he could never ignite that spark in haru that rin can when they swim. haru is constantly being targeted by scouts. makoto probably feels like he’s being left behind. 

but right here. this is the first time makoto is being told that his talent is worth something. even if he has decided on what he wants to do after graduation (i.e., studying in tokyo, working at the iwatobi swim club, etc.), this is the only time makoto has heard he has the potential to keep swimming. and it’s not from his best friend or his teammates or his teachers - it’s from rin.

obviously rin’s goal is to swim professionally and make it to the olympics. but up to this point makoto had assumed he was only interested in whether or not haru was taking his future into consideration. rin is also worried about makoto. not many people remember that makoto and rin are very close friends because they don’t have the same bond with each other that they both have with haru. but all season rin has been worrying about them both and rin wants them both to consider swimming professionally, not just for their future’s sake, but so he can continue swimming with his friends. 

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braginski mafia


braginski mafia

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Noya in shorts from stream 25/8-14


Noya in shorts from stream 25/8-14

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I must apologize for the rough quality and total lack of consistency and also for myself being rotten to the core.

It was a really fun livestream though! I really enjoyed drawing these! So I’m posting them as a thank you to all the people that come to chat a bit with me. I always have a good time!

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+ when will my life’s bass drop
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tokyo ghoul 

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The more I see this gif on my dash, the better it makes me feel. It is like the definition of love depicted in gif form.

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The only person that can "lecture Kageyama is Hinata."

Dylan and Colton hugging [x]

I'll break your bones if you don't tell me what I want to know. You hide it well, but not from me, so tell me your secret.
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KageHina dorks || Episode 21
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